School Cafeteria Food

I’m sitting in my technology lab classroom during my conference time preparing my lessons, grading projects, chatting with a student, editing English papers, and writing this post. A cafeteria employee comes in and asks me to persuade—okay bribe—my students to take an online survey regarding the food that is served for breakfast and lunch. If the students complete such survey, they receive a “treat”.
Woof! Woof! Well, since they do not enjoy the so-called food they are served, I’m sure they will happily complete such survey so they can get a pre-packaged treat, which is the closest thing to resembling a meal in their eyes. Students complete the survey every year; however, I don’t think there are any changes made to the food items. Most inform me they would like a salad bar and a make-shift Subway; that will do for them.

What do I recall from my high school lunches in the 1970s-80s? Well, I ate them until I stepped into the high school. I think for all four years, I pretty much selected food items straight from the vending machines (which are no longer in schools) or just skipped it altogether. Once in awhile, I even escaped the campus to eat at the local Taco Bell. Now, I do recall getting busted a couple of times when our high school principal caught on to what we were doing and literally climbed on the roof to watch us leave and return and took down names so he could call each student into the office and phone our parents (which, back then, was worse than going to the principal).

What are your memories from school lunches?


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